Proud to have the longest client loyalty in the industry among the 300+ hospitals and health systems we serve nationwide.

Bringing It All Together

TVR Communications’ unique approach - perfected over six decades – aligns people, processes and products to deliver clients an unmatched service experience. 

In choosing us as their patient experience partner, clients obtain a comprehensive patient-centric, patient experience blueprint that is customized to meet immediate needs as well as position them for long-term success in the emerging value-based reimbursement environment.

Our Team

  • Understands clients’ unique care delivery environments and patient populations
  • Brings skills and experience to help clients define, measure, and achieve goals
  • Has a passion to serve and respond quickly to client needs - day or night

Our Client Engagement Process

  • Includes expert guidance at every step to simplify decision-making
  • Employs a rapid 90-day methodology with minimal facility disruption and limited client resource demands
  • Incorporates best practices proven to accelerate and optimize benefits over the product lifecycle

Your pCare™ Solution

  • Offers a flexible and scalable platform for sustainable performance improvements
  • Easily integrates with hospital information systems to leverage existing staff and streamline clinician workflows
  • Is accessible across all internet-enabled care settings and in the home

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